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The Tragedy of Macbeth

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Here you will find questions about the story as well as the answers.

Act 1 Questions and Answers

Act 2 Questions and answers

1: Who do you think bears the greater responsibility for the murder of King Duncan - Macbeth or Lady Macbeth?  Expplain.
We think that Lady Macbeth has the most responsibility in the murder of King Duncan because not only does she have to make sure that her husband goes through with the murder plot, but in the end she has to finish the job.
2: A) Why, according to Lady Macbeth, did she not kill the King herself? B) What does Macbeth do with the daggers after the murder? C) Why does the bother Lady Macbeth? D) What action does she take?
A. Lady Macbeth could not kill the king herself becasue she thought he resembled her father.
B. After Macbeth has murdered the king, instead of placing the daggers with the guards, he takes them back to Lady Macbeth.
C. Macbeth's mistake bothers Lady Macbeth because she now has to go finish the job.
D. She goes and places the daggers with the guards.
3: A) What does the drunken porter imagine he is doing in response to the knocking at the door? B) What does Macbeth wish the knocking could do? C) Who is doing the knocking? Why?
A. The porter in response to the knocking at the door, beleives that he is opening the gates of hell.
B. Macbeth wishes that the knocking could awaken King Duncan.
C. Macduff and Lennox are the ones knocking at the door of the castle becasue they need to tell the King something.
4: A) Who first learns a murder has taken place? B) What action does Macbeth take against the grooms? C) Why do Malcom and Donalbain leave Macbeth's castle?
A. Macduff is the first to learn that a murder has taken place.
B. Macbeth immediately kills the grooms.
C. Malcom and Donalbain flee from Macbeth's castle because they fear that their lives are in danger and they may be the next to die.
5: A) Who does Macduff say has killed King Duncan? Why do Malcom and Donalbain fall under suspicion, according to Macduff?
Macduff says that Malcom and Donalbain are the ones who killed the King because they fled the castle upon the finding of the murder.
6: What does Macbeth mean by saying he has "murdered sleep?"
Macbeth says that he has "murdered sleep" because now that he has killed King Duncan, he feels like he will no longer be able to sleep at night knowing that he is guiltly.
7: What is ironic about Lady Macbeth's remark " A little water clears us of this deed?"
Although Lady Macbeth has washed the blood off of her hands, in the end her and her husband will still be found as the murders.
8: A) Why do you think critics consider the porter's speech to be comic relief? B) How do the porter's comments on the people arriving at "hell gate" mirror Macbeth's dilemma?
A. Critics consider the proter's speech to be comic relief because of the fact that he alter the mood from horor.
B. The porter's comments on the people arriving at "hell gate" mirror Macbeth's dilemma becasue the people entering "hell" are liars and thives.
9: What do you think causes Lady Macbeth to faint?
Lady Macbeth faints because she is trying to move the attention from the murder to herself.
10: A) Why does Ross have doubts about accepting the grooms as the murders? B) Why is Macduff concerned that "our old robes" may fit "easier than our new ones?"
A. Ross is doubting about the acceptance of the grooms being the murders because he wonders what they had to gain from killing the King.
B. Macduff suggests that they should do things secretly from now on or they might be the next to die.
11: In his soliliquy in Scene i, Macbeth speaks of "valting ambition."  A) How can vaulting ambibtion bring with it great success? B) How can it bring with it destruction?
A. Nothing ventured nothing gained.
B. With taking chances there are alwasy risks involved.

Act 3 Questions and Answers

2.Q. In scene i, what are Banquo's thoughts about the witches' prophesies?

A. Banquo believes the witches because of Macbeth.

Q. What are Macbeth's thoughts about the prophesies?

A. Macbeth is now concerned about the people he killed.

3. Q. What two people were the murderers told to kill?

A. Banquo and Flence

Q. Why is it necessary to kill both?

A. The son could step in.

4. Q. What goes wrong with the murderers' plans?

A. They only kill Banquo, and Flence excapes.

5. Q. Why does Macbeth want to see the witches again?

A. He wants to find out what's going to happen.

Q. What does Lady Macbeth think Macbeth needs most?

A. Sleep

6. Q. In scene VI, what reason does Lennox give for Macduff's being in disgrace?

A. Macduff didn't attend the banquet.

Q. What is Macduff trying to accomplish in England?

A. He is trying to get an army together.

7. Q. Macbeth's soliloquy in Scene I shows his attitude toward those who stand in his way has changes. Recall the soliloquy prior to Duncan's murder. What change or changes has occured?

A. His morals declines. Instead of listening to himself he listens to his wife. He turns into a coward.

8. Q. How does Macbeth's technique of persuading the murderers resemble Lady Macbeth's earlier method of persuading Macbeth?

A. Lady Macbeth questioned his manhood. Similar to Macbeth questioning the murderer.

9. Q. How has the relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth changed?

A. Macbeth has redrawn to himself, so they have split.

10. Q. Events at the banquet show that Macbeth can no longer pretend to be innocent. What evidence is there that he will continue to kill those who threaten him?

A. He has gone to far to turn back. He will have to kill again to cover the others up.

Act 4 Questions and Answers

2: A) What does the first apparition tell Macbeth? B) How does the prophecy of the second apparition seem to contradict that of the first? C) What does the third apparition promise?

A. The first apparition tells Macbeth to beware of the Thane of Fife, which is Macduff.

B. The second apparition says that no one born of a woman can harm him, therefore, he believes that Macduff is not a threat to him.

C. The third apparition says that until Brinam Wood comes to Dunsinane Macbeth will live as King, and obviously forest can't move, so Macbeth thinks he is safe.

3: A) What question do the witches refuse to answer? B) What vision do they parade before Macbeth?

A. Can tell so much: Shall Banquo's issue ever reign in the kingdom? Macbeht wants to know what is to become of what the witches' told about Banquo's fortune.

B. They show Macbeth a long row of kings who all favor Banquo, and the last one in line is holding a mirror, which illustrates the fact that the line will never end.

4: A) In his conversation with Macduff, why does Malcom pretend to have all of Macbeth's vices and more? B) What convinces Malcom that Macduff is trustworthy?

A. Malcom is testing to see if Macduff is truly loyal to Scotland.

B. Upon hearing of Malcom's vices, Macduff says he can not support Malcomon his ruling of Scotland.

5: A) What good news about "gracious England" does Ross bring Malcom? B) What bad news does Ross bring Macduff?

A. Ross tells Malcom that England has provided ten thousand soldiers to help fight against Macbeth.

B. Ross shares with Macduff that Macbeth has had his family killed.

6: Why does Macbeth readily accept the predictions made by the second and third apparition?

Macbeth knows that a man can't hurt him because they can't be born of a woman and that trees on a forest can't move. Also, he knows that earlier predictions came true.

7: A) In the witches' procession of kings, why do some kings carry double and triple scepters? B) Why does Banquo carry a mirror?

A. By some of the kings carrying two or more scepters, it represents the fact that England, Scotland, and Ireland are going to be united.

B. The mirror is representation that the line of kings will not end.

8: A) What is Macbeth's reason for killing Macduff's wife and child? B) How do these murders differ from the previous ones?

A. Macbeth kills Macduff's wife and child becasue he fled to England to warn Malcom of what all was happening and to bring Malcom back to rule as King.

B. The first few murders were so that Macbeth could gain his position as King, and these last few murders were simply out of revenge.

9: How would you describe Macbeth's character at this point in the play?

Macbeth's character at this point in the play has simply been taken over by greed. He knows that if he wants to stay on the throne he must now kill anyone who gets in his ways.

10: How is Malcom's character revealed in the dialogue with Macduff in Scene iii?

At first Malcom reveals many of his character flaws. Then when he finds out that Macduff's family has been killed, he turns into a great fearsome warrior.

11: Based on Macduff's reaction to the murder of he wife and son, how would you describe Macduff's character?

When he learns about their death he is devastated, but he does know that right now he has to focus on overthrowing Macbeth. Macduff is admirable and he behaves in a noble manner.

Act 5 Questions and Answers

3. Q. While Lady Macbeth is sleepwalking, to what three prior events does she refer?

A. Duncan, Banquo, and Macbeth's family

Q. What event does she keep comming back to?

A. The murder of Duncan

4. Q. What news does Seyton bring Macbeth in Scene V?

A. Tells him that Lady Macbeth is dead

Q. What in the messenger's report makes Macbeth fear that the apparations' second phophacy is coming true?

A. Burnen wood is coming to Dunsinane

5. Q. In scene VIII why does Macbeth tell Macduff he does not wish to fight him?

A. They were good friends, and he already has enough of his family's blood on his hands.

Q. What does Macduff tell Macbeth concerning the apparations' third prophacy?

A. He wan't born of a woman

6. Q. Whom does Macbth kill in the encounter with the English forces?

A. Young Seward

Q. Whom does Macduff kill?

A. Macbeth

Q. At the end of the play, who was crowned Kind of Scotland?

A. Malcom

7. Q. Why do you think it is an "accustomed action" for Lady Macbth to wash her hands while sleepwalking?

A. Belief that washing her hands will get rid of the guilt

8. Q. Why does Macbeth remain confident of surviving the battle with Malcom's armydispite his own troops' desertion?

A. Macbeth believes he's shielded by the witches prophacy.

Q. Judging by the way Macbeth behaves in Scene III, describe his state of mind.

A. He is struggling with his emotions.

9. Q. What changes in his personality is Macbeth describing in Scene V, lines 9-14?

A. He is now able to respond to the emotions he hears. They have taken a swing all the way back.

10. Q. Why does Macbeth say, "She should have died hereafter," upon learning of the death of Lady Macbth?

A. She would have died anyways.

11. Q. Macbeth, mad and murdererous though he is, shows certain admirable traits to the very end. What are some of his better traits?

A. Soldier(bravery and courage)

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